How it works - Turning theory into practical application

Select a management tool

Whether in a meeting, a workshop or as a single employee tasked with a problem to be solved or an analysis to be carried out. Sometimes, all it needs is the proper application of a management tool like e.g. SWOT, Value Chain Analysis or PESTLE to structure the issue and move forward.

Eidos Management Toolbox offers 33+ common management tools that can be used “off the shelf”. Short descriptions on each tool, its application preconditions and areas as well as weblinks to further sources help you select the right tool for your task. It is our experience that hardly anybody goes back to his files from executive education or university to find a tool that would be applicable to the issue at hand. Eidos provides a very quick and efficient access to the most popular management tools and we continue to add more tools.

common management tools are already included in EIDOS Management Toolbox

e.g. SWOT, Value Chain Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Scenario Development, Strategic Option Development etc.



Review examples & hints or start immediately

Examples and application tips help a lot to ensure that people apply tools properly. This is why each of our Management Tools templates comes with the following support:

  • an example in Eidos that users can access to better see how the tool works
  • a report in PowerPoint to get an idea how the final result could look
  • a description of specific benefits of the Eidos template
  • application and facilitation tips (if used in a team format).
Examples and hints help a lot to get people started and to ensure effective work.

Just do it

Instead of using the common tools (post-its adhesive dots and flip-charts) sometimes highly inefficient and not state-of-the-art any longer, using an Eidos template allows for efficient group work, sending around the results, re-assessment and later modification and it integrates seamlessly into a wider process framework that your task or issue belongs to. No more projecting of office applications on a screen with more formatting than content work, no more photo-taking of flip charts, no more everybody takes notes and we write a memo – just work with the right tool from the management toolbox and send it around after the meeting - plain vanilla.

Systemic Analysis

Active / Passive Map

Benfit from dynamic Visual Analysis

The application of management tools and techniques helps to generate a common understanding of risks, drivers, uncertainties, options, goals, criteria and helps to evaluate different courses of action.

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