Steve Else

Strategy Consultant

Dr. Steve Else, Ph.D., specializes in business transformation, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience to help myriad organizations for over 25 years plan wholesale change. Working with the C-Suite, he has assessed business models and architecture landscapes through workshops he has designed and conducted. He has used Business Scenarios and Design Thinking extensively in his such work around the world for large, complex organizations in the public and private sector, as well as for non-profits and top notch academic institutions. Formerly a career U.S. Air Force pilot, professor, attache, and high-level staff officer in the Pentagon, he is also the author of both Organization Theory and Transformation of Large, Complex Organizations (2005) and The Customer-Centric Architecture Method: Pathway to High Value Enterprise Architecture (2019), as well as numerous articles related to strategic business planning. He is a highly sought after consultant, mentor, and trainer related to maturing Business-IT Alignment and is expert in numerous planning and modeling tool suites. Dr. Else has also earned his Airline Transport Rating in the Lear Jet. He worked professionally in both French and German in the 1990s in France and Germany, respectively, and still maintains some fluency in both languages, particularly for reading, listening, and conversations. He loves to participate in world-class conferences (often as a keynote speaker), travel, hike in postcard beautiful mountain settings, and play golf on challenging courses around the world..