Risk Management

The more complex and dynamic our business or political environment gets, the more critical gets the anticipation of change and the management of those risks. The Parmenides Eidos Risk Management Process Template supports the entire risk management cycle from identification, analysis and assessment to the development of counter or mitigation measures and awareness raising.

Risk Management Template

In today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex business world, successful risk management is the key to survival and success. Business leaders are increasingly facing different kinds of risk, from those traditionally associated with the market-project risks, competitive risks, and currency risks, to a set of new, more hazardous threats.

This change of the risk landscape or universe of companies and institutions has created the requirement for a more sensitive and conscious risk management.

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EIDOS Sourcing Template

A recurring process

Clarifying an organizations' risk tolerance is the starting point for identification, analysis, assessment and portfolio-based structuring of risks.

Based on the positioning in the portfolio a reaction scheme (prevent, reduce, lay-off, accept) is building the basis for appropriate counter-measures. Subsequently, a monitoring and early warning system together with related information and communication establishes risk awareness and allows for appropriate control.

All process parts are supported by powerful tools that both, increase analytical quality and provide adequate, audit-proof documentation.

Compatibility with the Parmenides Eidos Strategizing Framework

The risk management template can be integrated into many of the strategizing models provided in the Eidos Strategizing Framework – strategic functions move closer together and corporate reasoning gets more integrated.

An efficient risk management system helps protecting an organization's business or activities, complying with legal requirements and seizing the opportunities that lie in every risk.

Note: This risk management process is suggested by Mr. Seán Cleary and Thierry Malleret in their book ‘Global risks – Business success in turbulent times’.
We are grateful to them for the permission to provide it to Eidos users for free.


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