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...for public and private services as well as education and research.
Participation comes with a Parmenides EIDOS Version full trial license valid for one month.

This is the schedule of 'Open EIDOS Training Courses' for 2017.
Your organization already uses Parmenides EIDOS and you would like to join a Parmenides EIDOS Inhouse Training Course?
Please get in touch with your company's EIDOS coordinator. They know the training schedule of your company's Inhouse Training Courses. We will be pleased to help if you don't know their name. Just send us a message here.

Additional Training 2017

Summer Special

July 11/2017

This 1-day training
will get your brain in shape
before your summer vacation!

  • Location: Oberursel


Q1 / 2017

March 07 & 08/2017

Enjoy letting
thoughts sprout.

  • Location: Pullach im Isartal

Q2 / 2017

Mai 22 & 23/2017

Sunny Future Valley
is waiting for you.

  • Location: Oberursel

Q3 / 2017

Sept 21 & 22/2017

Colorful thinking.
Be prepared for the future.

  • Location: Oberursel

Q4 / 2017

Nov 16 & 17 /2017

Winter time.
A time to
think and reflect.

  • Location: Pullach im Isartal

Very useful training

Excellent trainer

Participants in our training courses from 2013 - 2016 gave the following ratings:

62% voted anonymously:
"The training course was very useful."

37% voted anonymously:
"The training course was useful."

99% satisfied participants is not too bad - Wouldn't you agree?

91% voted anonymously:
"Trainer's performance was excellent."

9% voted anonymously:
"Trainer's performance was good."

Special thanks to our EIDOS trainers.

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Training details

Are you curious about getting to know and working with Parmenides EIDOS? Do you need to develop a strategy? Are uncertainty and complexity challenges you are facing? Would you like to know how easy it is to operate Parmenides EIDOS? Then you are very welcome to join one of our Open EIDOS Training Courses!

Open EIDOS Training Course

The Open EIDOS Training Courses are aimed at those who want to learn what the Parmenides EIDOS Suite can be used for, e.g. Scenario & Strategy Development, Strategic Communication and to improve managers’ efficiency by using the Parmenides Management Toolbox.

The course covers the theoretical background, practical training and application examples for Parmenides EIDOS and thus improves participants’ current approach to scenario analysis, strategy development and decision making in general.

Target group*

Managers, Head of Departments, Heads of CSR, Heads of Division, Heads of Corporate Development, Heads of Strategy, Knowledge Workers, Consultants, Students*


Learn: how to apply 4 EIDOS Tools and 2 Strategizing Frameworks**

The training course covers the following aspects:

  • principles of scenario-based strategic thinking
  • ease of use in tool handling (both conceptually and manually)
  • the complete reasoning process, spanning all the way from scenarios to final strategy
  • the power of working in a group: the tools are also for those who wish to run a process themselves in a workshop in order to organize an exchange of experiences
  • past success: The tools and this training draw on examples from real life applications

* Please ask for our special rates for students and education professionals.
**Participants do not need any prior experience in using Parmenides EIDOS.

  • "good interactive learning situation“
    EIDOS Training participant Anonymous feedback on an evaluation form
  • "Great overview of the Eidos Software"
    EIDOS Training participant Anonymous feedback on an evaluation form
  • "Very useful for desicion making and overcoming uncertainty"
    EIDOS Training participant Anonymous feedback on an evaluation form
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