Parmenides EIDOS

Parmenides EIDOS is an innovative software-based approach for
complex decision-making, strategic reasoning and problem solving.


Strategic Thinking

customizable strategic models

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Strategic Processes

pre-configured strategic processes

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Management Toolbox

common management tools & techniques

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Visual Analysis

single data points in one convincing picture

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Scenario Development

This is one core feature of EIDOS: being prepared for the future.


An investor wants to build a hotel in beautiful Future Valley.
Imagine what the valley might look like in the future.


Please scroll down to see two different scenarios

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Scenario Development
Core for good strategies


EIDOS is much more than a scenario development tool. However, it seems that EIDOS is a leader in the field of scenario-based strategizing.
It combines nice to have scenarios with must have strategy development considerations.

Nice scenarios - so what?

How about a strategy now?
Learn more about scenario-based strategizing in this visual example.

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Must see on this website:

Move the mouse or finger above a picture for a first impression.

What is EIDOS?

EIDOS is a tool for multi purposes. Review a first and highly visual answer of a difficult question.

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Where to apply EIDOS?

The application of EIDOS is not limited to a specific industry. Learn where and how to apply EIDOS.

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Scenario Development

The terms scenario and strategy are often mixed up. Review an easy explanation of future scenarios.

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Strategy Development

See different futures and strategies on one page like in the illustrative example of the FUTURE VALLEY.

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EIDOS is generating
re-thinkable thoughts

EIDOS re-thinkable thoughts

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Probably the best tutorial to quickly understand the value of scenario-based strategizing.
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